Rebel Stories

20170316_110843I was so excited to check my letter box today. I’d been waiting months for the delivery of this book of goodness.

I love stories.

Stories have a way of captivating children, and adults, throwing us into new worlds and sparking parts of our imaginations or selves that we didn’t know existed or that we hide away as life gets in the way.

How good is it to escape into a book and be lost for days in the emotion and dreams of a distant character?

Then there are biographies. The ones we read for inspiration and understanding, tears and joy. This book is in this category.

Written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo and originally made possible by the most funded Crowdfunding campaign of all time, this book is a pure delight for daughters, mothers….and sons.

Full of stories of inspirational women throughout history who, despite challenges and resistance, created ideas and artworks, stood up for minorities, challenged stereotypes, competed in athletic feats when told it wasn’t possible, created computer programs and code for NASA missions the stories and goose bumps continue to flow as each story of the book unfolds.

Written in a way that is easy for tween and teen girls to relate to, this is one book to have on your daughters bookshelf. Stories of strong, female role models with not a prince charming in sight. There’s even room for her to write her own story at the back.

A beautiful gift for any young lady in your life.