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Your tween is important.

Your connection to your tween is important.

So we have created a few little somethings to help you along your journey together. Check them out below.

Conversation Starters

Don’t know about your family, but we don’t sit down to the dinner table every night….*gasp!

Yep, we’re not the Brady Bunch and I am NOT the perfect housewife mother.

With after school activities, homework plus kids that HATE homework, and both parents working: the struggle is real.

The dinner time ritual used to frustrate me. If it wasn’t the deafening silence, it was the mindless noise of the TV in the background or the constant bickering from my three (delightful and lovable) offspring. IT. DID. MY. HEAD. IN.

So I decided we needed a change.

Slowly I introduced a new ‘tradition’. My daughter has named it ‘Around The Table’. It started as an idea to keep me sane and it has now become one of my favourite parts of the week.

With simple conversation starters the bickering (at the dinner table) has been transformed, each of us have our time in the ‘spotlight’ with an opportunity to be really listened to and it’s helped see the unique differences in each of the four other precious souls that share my space.

So if this sounds like something you might like for your crew, please find some simple conversation starters here.


Lunch Box Loves

Do you remember your first love note? I do.

And it wasn’t so much what was written on that little bit of folded, grid paper that was torn from the corner of a maths book with grubby hands. No, as attractive as that sounds, really it was the thought.

The thought that someone had taken a little bit of time to do something for me.

The thought that ​​​​​​​was delivered as a surprise.

And, even now, I get the same little rush of excitement when an unexpected note or letter appears in the letterbox among the very serious window faced envelopes.

Do you know the feeling?

In our current day of email, social sharing and instant messaging, Girl Empowered has brought back the excitement of the love letter…with a twist.

No grubby handed friends here. All the love comes from you, straight into her lunchbox. Chop them up, hide them and picture the smile on her face when she discovers the surprise.​​​​​​​

Your FREE Lunchbox Loves are just a click away. 

And how about we increase the fun? Before she runs off to school with her Lunchbox Love note tucked away under her sandwich, take a quick shot and tag it #iam_girl empowered #lunchboxloves


Elastics: Putting the FUN into FUNdamental movement

Elastics…do you remember it? If you do, you don’t need to be reminded how cool it is because you already know.

I bet you were the elastics queen of your schoolyard and conquering ‘underbums’ is still one of your proudest moments.

If you have never played, it’s never to late to discover the joy. Not only is elastics fun to play but without knowing it she will be developing a range of skills. Here’s a few:

> Develops language skills as she chants & rhymes.

> Develops the ability to win and lose fairly.

> Builds a common interest with friends…hello connection!

> Increases cardivascular fitness…try it for yourself.

> Remembering chants & sequences keeps the working memory active.

> Builds brain connections as she crosses her midline.

> The footwork required (other than the jumping) develops skills relevant to netball, basketball, dancing…the list goes on.

All this while she’s playing and it costs next to nothing! And you can download a free rhyme & sequence with a GE spin right here.

And if you’d like to read more, check out this blog.