Who is Girl Empowered?

Hi I’m Bec.


Life long learner.

Mum of three.

Wife of one.

Lover of fit.

Creator of Girl Empowered.

And Girl Empowered is like a new baby. In the very first stages of it’s life and like an excited new mother I am fizzing with the excitement of all that Girl Empowered has the potential to offer, yet daunted at the new life I have created. Not really knowing which direction it will take me but trusting that what Girl Empowered creates is not only relevant to mothers and parents everywhere but more importantly relevant and empowering for your daughter.

People ask me “Why girls?” I say “Why not?”

They ask ‘Why empowered?” I say, “Because they should be”.

And the line, “What about boys?” My answer: Yep, I have two and am married to one. Of course they are important. And don’t we want our boys connecting with strong, assured girls and women who operate from a place of self acceptance and confidence. That stand confidently in their gifts and gratefully acknowledge their shadows. That know who they are so they can truly know your sons.

Wow, that was deep for a bit….it’s how Girl Empowered rolls. Full of fun, joy, lightness and movement but also reflective, thoughtful and soul led.

It’s where sensible school meets heart led self development.

See, here you will find sensible content backed by research. You will also find sensible content backed by experience and a passionate belief that every girl/woman I have ever worked with has something important to share.

Finding it and giving themselves the permission to share it is another thing. Nurturing and loving it can be a challenge. And stepping up with courage takes practice.

Girl Empowered is about nurturing the whole of our tweens: The Emotional. The Physical. The Soulful.

Love to have you here.

Bec xx